Traditional Village Life Within An Hour Of London

Brookmans Park is a quaint little village in Hertfordshire that is perfect for families with children or people who are ready to escape the big city life of London. London is amazing, with opportunity round every corner and so many ambitious places and people, but all this comes at the very high price of living there. Not only is living there expensive, but the property prices, that are ranked higher than the ones in Monte Carlo, are through the roof, and way too expensive for the average working person. The solution is commuting.

potters bar16 new houses have just opened up in Brookmans Park brought by Origin Housing, a huge housing association operating in central London and managing over 6000 houses. They deliver brilliant houses all over England as well as having great customer service, and one of their newest developments is Brookmans. The houses are all 3 or 4 bedroom with new, modern kitchens and bathrooms and an energy efficient central heating and hot water system. They all offer parking or garages, are either terraced, end of terrace or detached. For a price range of around £700,000 for these brilliant new investments, they’re ideal for people who want to escape big city life. However, getting back to their big city life day job is not a problem, as the developments are a stone’s throw away from the train station, that can take you to central London in less than half an hour.

The village itself is well known for its history, with Brookmans Park transmitting station playing a great part in Great British history. This transmitting station was the first twin transmitter station that was able to broadcast two radio shows simultaneously in October of 1929.
Furthermore, Folly Arch is a local landmark that can be seen from most of the village comes with a legend that generations of children have tried, about a farthing being placed under each brick on the arch. Every time it has been false, but over the generations this has caused damage to the arch and so in the 1980s a protected fence was placed around the arch. Additionally, the children’s nursery rhyme Miss Moffat is based off Miss Muffet, a girl who grew up and lived on a farm in Brookmans Park in the 1500s.

A lot of Brookmans Park is beautiful countryside, with 204 acres that are used by the tennis club, golf club and country club in the village that are all very popular. The countryside also offers family-oriented activities such as nature reserves, and the endless fields are perfect for days out or a walk with the dog. Inside the town which is surrounded by the greenery are the traditional shops such as the bakeries, butchers and fishmongers which are all helped by the thriving economy. The friendly village will make it feel like home already, as well as the low crime rates and some of the best schools in the country making it feel safe and secure.

There are endless advantages to commuting, and a small yet vibrant village like Brookmans Park and its new houses for sale are perfect for anyone who is more than ready to leave the big city.




Combi Boilers Are The Best Heating For Your Home

A lot of people are starting to switch from the older versions of water heaters and home heating systems to the newer combi boiler systems. Some of you may be wondering exactly why to switch from the older version to the combi boiler and which might be these best combi boiler for your home.

combi boilersThe average home needs an appliance that will heat the water supply they use so the occupants can wash their clothing, take baths, clean their dishes, and do another cleaning around the house. The average home also needs a way for the occupants to control the temperature inside the home. In the winter, this means to heat the chilled air to a comfortable temperature. A combi boiler does the job of these two appliances.

Most of the people that upgrade their appliances try to move up to the newest appliances on the market. This is true whether they are buying new washing machines, stoves, underfloor heating kits, or a combi boiler. You want to invest in a device that is making use of the newest technology because these items will be better for the environment and will cost you much less to operate.

The older heating systems often used heating oil to power the devices. Heating oil was at one time a practical fuel solution and most people could afford it. As time went by heating oil became a very expensive item, and people discovered that it did not burn as clean as other fuel sources. The switch to propane and mains gas as fuel sources did not happen overnight, but over the years more people bought units that relied on these cheaper fuels. You more than likely cannot find a combi boiler that uses heating oil as a fuel source, and you may be hard pressed to locate a combi boiler that uses wood as a fuel source.

There is a drawback to having one appliance do the job of two, and that is when the device breaks you are without two units instead of just one. To circumvent the odds that one of these units will break people do yearly maintenance on them. These yearly maintenance visits from service technicians that are familiar with the brand and style of appliance you own can keep you from getting up one day to no heat and no hot water.

Having one device take care of the job that is normally performed by two separate unit’s means the family can save money on maintenance visits. You only have to have one technician come to your home each year to check your system out. The people that have these units also save money on their utility costs. They only have to fuel one device to get the benefits they would receive from two devices.

These newer devices are installed in the majority of new construction, and many people are considering them when they find the need to replace one of their home systems. There are different manufacturers of these items and they come in different sizes and styles.

A combination boiler replaces the average home heater and home water heater. Switching to a combi boiler may very well save you money on your utilities.

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Central Heating and Boilers Servicing


When you move into a new home, even in balmy mid-summer, its worth checking over thchf-home-hero-0e boiler and central heating system. The last thing you want is your move spoiled by not having any hot water or the heating won’t fire up. Below are some handy hints on how to make sure all is OK. In general our advice is to get a boiler service and a gas safety check.

  • Hire a local Gas Safe registered local plumber to come and do your boiler servicing. Inform them that you want them to service your boiler every year and for the local plumber to be your first call in any plumbing emergency. Ask your local plumber or heating engineer to give you a summary of the health of your boiler, and to inform you of any future problems that might occur. And here is our top tip, ask the engineer to explain to you how to operate the boiler, the programmer, the wall thermostats etc. And if you are not sure – make Notes! – write it down.
  • Make a note of the instructions, the plumber or heating engineers contact details, the model and make of the boiler and keep all somewhere safe and handy. So you your family and possibly your future guests can cope with and heating or hot water related problems.
  • Schedule your next service into your diary.
  • Get the plumber to check whether you system conforms to modern building regulations, and ask them to check all the gas appliances. Perhaps some are old and unused and could be safely removed.
  • Ask the plumber to tell you where the main water tap for the house is, in case of a burst pipe or other catastrophe
  • For your own peace of mind you may wish to commission a gas safety check of the whole house. This will cost about £70 but is probably well worth it.

If your boiler is a modern combination boiler, or “combi”, you may be required to top off the water pressure in the system from time to time. Ask your local plumber to show you how to operate the filling loop valves and read the water pressure gauge. Again its probably best to makes some notes and keep them somewhere handy.

Stay safe! Always ensure your local plumber is Gas Safe registered. Remember to get your appliances and boiler serviced regularly.